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Sinovantage Mastercard Prepaid Card is a credit card alternative for expatriates in mainland China. It does not require any credit check and has guaranteed approval, as long as valid identity and address proof documents are provided.

This service has been launched to address the difficulties for expatriates in China to obtain credit cards through the traditional banking channels, even for those with stable employment and long term residency. In most cases Chinese banks would require to use a self-own property as collateral to issue a credit card. This has affected who needed international credit cards for internet purchases while living in China.

Sinovantage Mastercard Prepaid cards have the same functions as any MasterCard branded credit card and can be obtained with no hassle within two weeks. Our cards are used primarily for internet purchases but also for remittance purposes. They can also be used at millions of ATM machines and Point of Sales Terminals with the Mastercard or Maestro logos worldwide.

If you are unable to obtain a credit card in China then Sinovantage Mastercard Prepaid Card might be the solutions. Our prepaid cards are issued by a reputable bank operating out of the Switzerland, and are managed with the highest standards of security.

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