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How it Works

  • Online Use: Sinovantage MasterCard Prepaid Cards can be used for internet purchases at any site accepting MasterCard or Visa.
  • POS Terminals and ATMs: our cards can be used at stores and ATM machines with the MasterCard/Visa/Maestro/Plus logo, virtually tens of millions of access points worldwide.
  • Card to card transfer: amounts can be transferred from one to another at a minimal charge. This is a great way to send regular transfers to family or business associates.
  • Money transfer: To transfer money into/out of China, you can have recipient apply for the card and reload it on their behalf.
  • Card can be used to receive remunerations, commissions or payments from Sinovantage Holdings' companies, and to send payments well.
  • No credit check, account activation upon receipt of your passport ID and address proof
  • A quick and easy way to obtain an international debit card for online/offline use for China residents.
  • Suitable for students, self-employed who are unable to get a credit card through the traditional banks due to no fixed income.
  • Secure and safe internet banking, cheap and convenient way to transfer money to family and friends.
  • Card is perfect to be used as secondary card, to be used only for online transactions to avoid fraud and identity thefts.
  • In case of card loss, you can report it to us online to deactivate the card. A new card will be issued and the previous card balance transferred to it.
Application Procedure
  1. Sign up online and upload a copy of your passport and address proof. If no address proof can be provided please contact us for alternatives.
  2. Once application is verified and confirmed by our staff, you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Card is dispatched and will be received at your address within 10~15 days. The card is sent directly by the issuing bank in the Switzerland
  4. Once you receive the card, you can activate it online at our website. Your card is now ready to be used.

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