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1. Who can apply for the card?
R: Any foreign passport holder resident in mainland China, who is 18 years old or more, and is not convicted of any crime can apply for a Sinovantage Prepaid Card.

2. What documents are required to apply?
R: A signed application form, a copy of your passport and an address proof document (utility bill, bank statement, copy of driving license with address etc.)

3. How much does it cost?
R: The card fee is a one-time USD149.99, which includes an initial USD100 balance.

4. How long does it take to activate the card?
R: After receipt of your payment it takes approximatively two weeks to receive your card.

5. How will I receive the card?
R: The card is sent directly to your mailing address by our issuing bank

6. How do I recharge my card?
R: Cards can be recharged through wire transfers to our Hong Kong bank account. Recharges can be made of the following amounts: USD250, USD500, USD1,000 and USD5,000. After transfer is made, please download the wire transfer form from our website and fax it together with any receipt of your transfer to 00852-3020-0352, or send the scan versions by email to; your account will be credited with the actual amount received, less any recharge fee, within 48h of receipt.

7. How do I check my account balance?
R: Card users have access to an online system where they can track their transactions and account balance in real time.

8. Where can I use my card?
R: The Sinovantage Prepaid Card can be used at any website, point of sale terminal or ATM machine accepting MasterCard or Visa, worldwide.

9. Can I withdraw money from ATMs in China?
R: Yes you can withdraw from most ATM machines in China. Due to the currency conversion charges however this is not recommended.

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